help with my dissertation

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help with my dissertation

Message non lupar mike joh » 01 Novembre 2008, 10:07

Hello - I am an English student but have lived in Vendée nearly all my life and I know the Piy du Fou very well. I have decided to do my English university dissertation on customer services at the Puy du Fou. Have there ever been any surveys (sondages) done amongst customer, particularly English speaking ones, about their views about the services offered? I would appreciate any help you can gie. Thank you
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mike joh

Re: help with my dissertation

Message non lupar Athéa » 01 Novembre 2008, 11:43

Hello Mike Joh and welcome to the Puyfolonaute!!

I'm so sorry, I can't help you but You'll certainly find somebody to give you an answer here!!

Have good moment with us and sorry for my english... I hope you anderstood...

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Re: help with my dissertation

Message non lupar Mathieu Admin » 01 Novembre 2008, 14:02

Good morning Mike !

The best way to answer your question is to call the secretary of the Puy du Fou at this number : 02 51 64 11 11. Indeed, the Puy du Fou make every year lots of surveys in order to know the views of its customers about the park in general. I think they made some surveys for english spoken people in the past ! Call this number, explain your problem and I'm sure you'll have an answer very quickly !

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